Client: HRB Management/Evolution Hospitality
207 5th Avenue, San Diego, CA 92101 USA
17,150 s.f.

The pool deck lounge and bar at the Hard Rock Hotel was one of the first roof top entertainment venues in San Diego. Due to its success several more venues of its type emerged and began to eat at its market share. Undisclosable was hired to comprehensively transform the outdated disconnected rooftop environment into a smooth landscape of vibrant activity. The center piece of the project, the canopy, starts by providing signage, which is visible from street level. Once at roof level, the canopy draws one through the space, past the new covered cabanas, through new bar and active dance floor, and finally into the VIP space. The edge conditions of the project relate to the program in each area. The calmer pool side is enveloped by a faceted planter wall, where as, the more active bar and dance floor side is surrounded by a enclosed fire box running along the parapet. Nestled between the fire wall and the dance, large amounts of faceted furniture radiated from the canopy, echoing its geometry. The furniture is positioned meticulously to spark conversation, interaction, or intimate conversation.