Founded in 2011, Undisclosable Inc. is the Los Angeles based architecture and design firm led by Alejandra Lillo. Predominantly working within the cultural, hospitality, residential and commercial markets, the firm’s work encompasses a wide array of project types and scales, from architecture, interior and installation design to furniture, object and identity design. Driven by the focus upon human experience, the belief in breeding versatility and thinking asymmetrically Undisclosable broadly engages the diverse design opportunities present in today’s rapidly changing environment.

Our primary function is to provide agency to our client, which we do through facilitating the aesthetic and programmatic expression of our client’s core values. We are the medium that enables the translation of often intangible concepts into the physically constructed. It is our intention that each work be about itself and the people that it represents, rather than overridingly an extension of our personal interests or current fascinations as designers. Undisclosable is as visible or invisible as the client requires, even operating in some instances as ghost designer.

The most recent generations of professionals have seen an increasing gap between professional practice and the academy. We believe in work that is unabashedly of our time and are energized by academic elements that question prevailing institutional models. We seek to help bridge this divide through research in material application and digital technology, engaging and mitigating risk, and espousing creative collaboration. Our drive is to advance typologies through critical thought and discourse, to bring novel ideas to fruition by bolstering collaboration rather than unilaterally dictating solutions, and to meaningfully affect the human experience by playing a part in the formation of perception, feelings and memories through the design of their surroundings.