DC Shoes - Soho

Client: DC Shoes, Inc. (subsidiary of Quiksilver)
Location: 82 Mercer, New York NY 10012

We were asked to aid in developing the brand’s retail identity through the design of a flagship store. This store’s spatial concept offers a unique and innovative interface as an expression of the company’s values, based upon the principles of flexibility, suspended speed, and technical innovation.

All products are presented within movable, ceiling-hung display units. Hence, the space can be reorganized to support different displays and events. The space’s color palette is exclusively white and black, DC’s signature colors, which emphasizes the displayed products. Nothing touches the floor, instead, all furniture-like elements are suspended midair as if in motion—an homage to skaters’ gravity-defying maneuvers.

for Graft Inc. (Los Angeles)
Managing Partner: Alejandra Lillo