BRAND Steakhouse and Lounge

Client: MGM Resorts International/The Light Group
Location: Monte Carlo Hotel and Casino, 3770 Las Vegas Boulevard , Las Vegas, NV 89109-4337
Size:  7,500 s.f.
Image credits: Ricardo Ridecos

The focus of the space is a ceiling canopy of numerous panels wrapped in custom-printed fur, which create a pixilated, abstract cowhide pattern.  The assorted forms and textures coupled with interior height variations afford a diversified spatial experience.

The programmatic components, a lounge, main dining and private dining room, occupy spatially distinct zones without the use of formal enclosure.  Walkways gently rise and fall into different spaces, orchestrating a gradual promenade through different atmospheric zones.  Sliding glass partitions and bronze curtains provide delicate, variable separations between restaurant and casino. Unexpected visual connections tie the spaces together, providing an array of opportunities for voyeurism and social contact.

for Graft Inc. (Los Angeles)
Managing Partner: Alejandra Lillo