Client: The Light Group/MGM Mirage
Location: Mirage Casino and Hotel
3400 Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89109
Size: 5,800 s.f.

A canyon-like landscape is generated through undulating, nineteen foot high layered striations, forming a wall and bar, and producing a telescopic effect in depth. In order to create a dense and consistent atmospheric intensity, we chose quarter-figured African mahogany for the wood paneling, lending both warmth to the space and translating the canyon feel into a contemporary formal solution. The horizontal wood layers were then peeled from one another, creating variation in patterning, cantilever and velocity.

The cumulative effect is a visible invitation into the space, drawing the visitor in and gradually framing multiple spatial readings, which assist in keeping the guest inside and comfortable. Once inside the body of the restaurant, the embedded lighting within the canyon wall reveals its pixelated pattern and furthers the immersion of the patron into the space.

for Graft Inc. (Los Angeles)
Project Captain: Alejandra Lillo